A borough in Middlesex County, New Jersey, South Plainfield consists of two, high points created where a glacier started and then melted with Spring Lake on a flat basin in the middle. Home of Monument Park, this family-friendly community has a population of approximately 23,385 and offers numerous recreational facilities, events, educational opportunities, and more. You’ll also find Tumi, Inc., PTC Therapeutics, Jem Records and The Plainfield Curling Club here.

The Housing Market in South Plainfield

Below, you can examine current trends in housing prices in South Plainfield, NJ, see the Walk Score® for any address in South Plainfield, and check out the ratings of local schools.


Fun Fact: WGA Award and Emmy Award-winning American writer and producer, Michael Price, best known for his work on The Simpsons, was born here. And so was Greg Garbowsky, the bassist for the “Jonas Brothers.”


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