Reduce Your Electric Bill by Avoiding These 10 Things

With homeowners across the country feeling the pinch of inflation, there’s no better time than now to take steps to reduce your electricity bill. When it comes to saving money on energy costs, it’s all about the small steps we tend to avoid, assuming they won’t make much of a difference. In this case, however, seemingly minor measures add up and result in significant savings. Try these ideas from Simplify.

  • Turn down the heat. Lowering your thermostat by just a degree or two will make a difference on your bill’s bottom line. Turn the temperature down even further when you leave for the day, or even several hours, and also before bed. Wearing an extra layer or adding one more blanket will help keep the chill at bay.
  • Wrap your water heater. Pay a visit to your local hardware store and purchase a wrap that will fit around your hot water heater. This will help your water stay warm longer, meaning the heater doesn’t have to fire as often. Be sure to come prepared with measurements to ensure a snug and effective fit.
  • Get the right bulbs. Investing in compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) will cost more money initially, but will save you money in the long run. CFLs use less electricity and should pay for themselves in about six months.
  • Cut back on the dryer. Using your clothes dryer less is a great way to reduce your electric bill. Use a clothes rack to hang wet garments to dry or, weather permitting, hang them on a clothesline outside.
  • Unplug ‘phantom’ electronics. Even though they may be shut off, many appliances still draw a charge when they’re plugged in, referred to as ‘phantom loads.’ For example, any device with an LCD time clock—such as your coffee pot—means it’s still using electricity. Unplug these items when not in use.
  • Turn it off. Be sure to turn off electricity-draining items in your house. Think beyond lights—shut down computers and televisions that you leave on for background noise.
  • Use the oven less. Step up your crock-pot skills and put your outdoor grill to use to save electricity that is used by the oven.
  • Clean it out. Be sure to clean the filter on your furnace to make sure it’s running efficiently. The same thing goes for refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers and anything else that has a filter. Clogged filters make appliances work harder and, therefore, draw more electricity.
  • Keep warm air in. Pick up a tube of caulk, a few draft dodgers or some window film to seal off the places in your home where warmth escapes and cold air seeps in. This means your furnace will turn on less and you’ll see the results in your electric bill.
  • Scale back. Do you really need that large refrigerator or fancy oven? Bigger isn’t always better, and smaller means less costly. Make smart and budget-friendly choices when it comes time to bring new appliances and electronics into your home.

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