As an ASP® Real Estate Agent (Accredited Staging Professional®), I can help you Stage®; your home, to market it more effectively.

What’s involved in staging your home? When you moved into your home, you probably decorated it, to personalize the house to your tastes and lifestyle. When we work together to Stage® your home, we will be de-personalizing it, to help potential buyers imagine living there, themselves. Staging is simply an effective marketing tool.

Staging Basics

1. Clean the house, thoroughly. No, I’m not insulting your housekeeping! If the house is to be marketed most effectively and bring the best price, it must be spotless. Just as you would detail your car before selling it, so you must detail (Stage®) your home before selling it. The house should be “white-glove clean.”
2. Remove all “clutter.” Again, I’m not insulting you! Your house is probably full of family photos, favorite items, and collectibles (mine certainly is!) – all things that say that this house is yours. To appeal to buyers, the house must be very neutral, so that buyers can imagine their furniture and favorite objects in it. When you choose me to be your REALTOR®, I will make specific recommendations for each area of the house.
3. Neutralize decor colors. If you have walls that are painted in strong colors or strongly colored carpets, I will ask you to change those to more neutral colors. It is important that buyers be able to imagine the house decorated to their taste, using their favorite colors. Strong colors interfere with their ability to do this. It’s all marketing!
4. The professional touch. Finally, with your permission, my staging team will Stage®; the house, so that each room has a clear focus and looks spacious. The following pairs of photos will give you a sense of what that might involve.

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