As the sun sets on the summer season, it’s time to start preparing for back to school. Shopping lists must be bought, and last minute summer assignments must be tackled. After a summer of high energy and adventure, it’s easy to feel the weight of your kid’s absence once they finally return to the classroom. 

Try out these activities and ideas to fight the back to school blues and fill your days with fun new experiences.

Pick Up a New Hobby 
Is there a skill you’ve always wished you had in your back pocket? Try out a new instrument. Learn to crochet. Take a swing at pastry baking. Paint the masterpiece that you’ve always wanted to. The internet is filled with an abundance of resources to help guide you through a journey to conquering a new hobby. Get creative and don’t be afraid to explore outlandish options.

Start a Project
Kickstart that project that’s been in the back of your mind for years. Explore the possibilities of DIY around the house. Create something magnificent. Be sure to ask around for tips and tricks. If your project requires a trip to the hardware store, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Peruse the internet for extra guidance or ask your friends for their help. 

Learn Something New
Your kids are back in school, why not join them? Take initiative to learn something new this fall! Whether you dive into a new language, an important moment in history or an interesting scientific concept, broaden your mind with new information. Explore free online courses, or check out your local community college to enroll. 

 Join a Club
Find community in the things you love. Check out local community centers to find clubs that focus on your hobbies and interests.  Learn more about your craft and form new friendships and bonds with other people in your area .