Summertime is here! The sun is out. The skies are clear. But day by day, back to school gets nearer. Let summer be a time to play, not just outside, but inside the pages of your kids’ favorite books. No matter what time of year, children should be exposed to stories of adventure, magic, tragedy, joy and exploration. Since they’re away from their desks, reading throughout the summer keeps your kids’ minds sharp and encourages them to use their imagination in new ways.

Books open doors to curiosity about the world, new experiences and important conversations. Expand your kids’ minds and their understanding of the wonderful world around them. Use these fun tips to encourage your kids to read more this summer.


Make a Reading Nook
Make reading enjoyable for the body and the mind. Use blankets, pillows, cushions and anything else you may have laying around your house to create a cozy corner for your kiddos to snuggle up with their favorite books.

Set Aside Designated Reading Time
Find time every day to shut off the screens and take to the books. Set a block of time aside for everybody to read together. Prepare your yummiest snacks, gather your comfiest cushions and enjoy 30 minutes of worlds of imaginative adventure.


Create a Book Club
Help your kiddos create their very own book club. Reach out to other families. Let the kids decide on a book. Set milestones to meet and discuss the book each week. Gather in one another’s houses or outside at a local park. Take turns with the other parents leading the group with helpful questions and fun discussions. Create snacks that coordinate with the book. Then, once you’ve finished your chat, let the kiddos enjoy time together.

Check Out Your Local Library
Many libraries host fun reading challenges for the kids in their area. Contact your local library to see what opportunities they provide for the youth. Set up library accounts for your kids and let them explore the shelves until they find something they love.