Summer is here and the sun has finally decided to crawl its way out from behind the clouds. While soaking up rays can feel good in the moment, it can lead to painful burns and serious long-term medical conditions. Enjoy the sun safely this summer with these easy ways to keep you safe from the sun’s rays. 

Check Your Moisturizer
You should be applying sunscreen to your face every single day. Why not make it easier on yourself and consolidate some of your morning routine? Check to be sure that your moisturizer contains SPF. Not only will you moisturize your skin, but you’ll also protect it from the sun’s rays. Want to consolidate even further? Try out a tinted moisturizer to even your skin and keep it safe. 

Keep your skin safe from your head to your toes—and do it in style! Keep your scalp and face out of the sun with the hat of your choosing. Ball cap, trucker hat, bucket hat, whatever suits your fancy! 

A once over with sunscreen is never enough! Be sure that you are reapplying throughout the day to ensure the efficacy of your SPF. Since sometimes it’s tricky to remember to incorporate a new task into your daily routine, link it to one that you’ve been doing your entire life. Apply SPF to make sure you’re keeping your skin healthy and happy. 

Bring the Shade
If you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time with little to no chance of shade, don’t be afraid to bring your own! Umbrellas, canopies and tents are all great options to give you shelter from the sun. 

Fashion is Everything
Use your clothing to save your skin from the sun’s rays. Especially when you’re on the go—whether that be hiking, biking or running—be sure to wear clothes that will keep your skin covered. UPF clothing is going to be the most efficient at protecting your skin.