When you walk into certain homes, they can feel extra luxe. It may not be the largest house, but it could have something special you can’t put your finger on. If you want to bring that luxurious feeling into your home, some insider tips can help you achieve that. Read on for the secrets to make your home feel extra luxurious.

Pay Attention to Scale
Ensuring your furniture, art and rugs are all correctly to scale will have the most significant impact. The space will feel off when the furniture is too large or the rug and art are too small. Ensuring the furniture is the correct size and fits on the rug and the art takes up approximately 75% of the wall will make the room feel cohesive and thoughtfully designed.

Size the Window Treatments Correctly
Custom window treatments are an investment, but one that will pay off. Selecting drapery that is at least double the window’s width and is hung approximately eight to 12 inches above the window casing will help the room and window feel grander. In addition, selecting fabric in a neutral color or timeless pattern will increase the longevity of the custom investment.

Hang Art at the Correct Height
Art hung at eye level helps ground the room and makes it feel complete. To ensure it’s hung at the correct height, measuring 57-60 inches from the middle of the frame to the floor is a guideline to help you hang the pieces at the optimal height. Installing an art light above the art is an additional way to highlight the pieces and elevate the space.

Select Correctly Sized Throw Pillows
Throw pillows that are sized correctly can elevate your sofa. Selecting throw pillows between 22 and 24 inches will fill the seating space. Custom pillows in fabrics you love will also end your hunt for the elusive, perfect throw pillow.

Mix Furniture Styles
A room with a combination of antiques, heirloom pieces, new furniture and some contemporary touches will make the space feel collected, layered and exciting. It will prevent the area from feeling like a catalog spread and instead make it feel intentionally designed.

Update Builder-Grade Accents
If your home is relatively new construction, there may be some builder-grade finishes throughout the home. Update the light fixtures with new fixtures that are either vintage or have interesting finishes and textures. Also, update any cabinet hardware that isn’t inspiring. Select hardware that feels like jewelry to you. Another update is to replace anything brushed nickel, which is often a builder-grade favorite selection, with timeless finishes that have a more luxe feel, such as polished nickel or antique brass.

Updating the lampshades that come with your light fixtures is another easy update. Replacing the standard white linen lamp shades for chandelier shades with options in a unique pattern or material can drastically impact a space.

Declutter, Then Fill the Space With Fresh Flowers
This may be the easiest way to make your home feel more luxurious. Remove surface clutter, pare down the accessories and edit all surfaces, making the space feel more spacious, elevated and classic. Once you declutter the room thoroughly, fill it with fresh flowers to add simple sophistication.