When shadows creep in the dead of night, you want your fright to be real. This season, ensure that Halloween goes on without a hitch by keeping your home safe for guests. These Halloween prep ideas will guarantee fun and make sure everyone is safe in the process.

Light Up the Front Door
The front door is where the magic happens on Halloween night, so make sure it is fully (and safely) lit. A well-lit front door lets trick-or-treaters know to come by, and it ensures that they are safely able to navigate once they’ve arrived. Feel free to use fun, colorful lights (purples and oranges) or opt for a spookier option (a blood-red or even a black light), but be sure that the porch and door areas are still fully visible and well-lit.

Clear a Path
Ensure little ghosts and ghouls know where to go by clearing a path to your door. Decorate it with luminaries, pumpkins, or solar lights to ensure that excited kids don’t miss the path. Be sure to clear any debris or branches from your yard and especially from your path. Trim foliage if needed, and remember that excited children may still cross into your yard in search of candy. Fill any holes and remove any tripping hazards to keep kids safe.

Go Flameless
Jack-o-lanterns are a Halloween staple. To prevent a real scare, opt for battery-operated flameless candles when lighting your pumpkins this season. You can choose traditional-looking flickering options or choose fun colors and strobes to add a modern touch.

Secure Your Pets
Black cats can be in danger on Halloween, and all pets risk getting spooked by strange people coming to the home. A frightened pet could react unpredictably. Keep your pets indoors on Halloween night to ensure that passersby and your pets alike are safe.

Make it Spooky
Safety is key on Halloween, but once you’ve tackled the important safety tasks, it’s time for some fun! Make your house as spooky as you like and get decorating. If you have small children in your area, consider opting for a less scary option. If you want a lot of spook, consider putting your scariest decor closer to the door and earn trick-or-treaters that it will be scary.