Changing your decor for the season can be an excellent way to ensure your home is welcoming all year round. It can also allow you a change from your regular decor, ensuring you never get bored with your space. This winter, follow these style rules to ensure your seasonal decorating goes off without a hitch.

Holiday Decor Timing

The timing of holiday decor can be a hot-button topic. Family members and friends can even staunchly disagree. Realistically, the best time to decorate for any holiday is whatever makes the most sense for your needs and happiness. That said, a general rule is to decorate 2 to 4 weeks before a holiday.


Seasonal decor can bring life to your space and can allow you to change up your normal scenery. The mistake many make is to pile seasonal decor on top of their traditional daily decorations. Instead, opt for a one-in-one-out rule. Replace photos, pictures, and knick-knacks with a similar seasonal item. This will ensure that your space looks wonderful for the season but doesn’t look crowded or overstuffed.

Don’t Forget to Make it Cozy

When it comes to decor, winter is all about coziness. Visually and realistically, winter decor should lend some extra warmth to any hosts and guests. Opting for fuzzy area rugs, woolen blankets, and warming throw pillows can heighten the comfort of any space.

Don’t Forget Greenery

Most know that flowers and greenery are staple decor pieces in spring and summer, but you should not neglect greenery as a decor option in the winter months. Berries, evergreen boughs, Christmas cacti, and eucalyptus can all bring life into your space and make your winter decor pop.

Consider a Hot Coffee or Chocolate Bar

A warm drink in winter is a delightful way to begin or end your day. Consider creating a hot coffee bar to warm up before the cold winter day begins. This practical option can be made even more visually appealing with the addition of seasonal mugs, a fun sign or wall art, and attractive containers for all of the fixings.

Creating a welcoming space in winter relies largely on seasonal decor. Warming and soft fabrics, warm lighting, and an emphasis on a cozy space can create a home you’ll want to stay in throughout the cold season.