If your home environment is triggering a case of the blahs, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never be able to afford the redesign or remodel that will make your home current and stylish again. Reviving your home decor can be done affordably and quickly, however, with a few strategic DIY fixes. Try one of these seemingly small ideas and you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make.


Add some details to the master bedroom. You don’t need to invest in a whole new bedroom set to create a fresh look and feel to your bedroom. Focus on a few important details instead to give the room new life. Try updating your wall art, for example, by having some of your best nature photos printed and framed in a unifying design, such as a white matte with a sleek black or chrome frame. Add a refreshing pop of color and artistic touch by painting a bed-side table or bookshelf with chalk or milk paint. Spice up the room by adding a surprising piece of furniture from another room, such as a settee at the foot of your bed, a plant stand or cushy ottoman for extra seating. A new area rug placed in just the right spot will open up your bedroom while adding cozy warmth as well.


Reorganize a cabinet or closet. Nothing refreshes your home like organization. Dedicate a few hours or an entire weekend to cleaning out an overflowing pantry or clothes closet, your kitchen cabinets or your family room. Discard or donate items that are expired or that you haven’t used in years—spices, sauces, serving dishes, coats, shoes, board games—then think about better ways to use the space, making the things you use most often easily accessible. Reorganizing can be truly life changing and make your home feel spacious and new again.


Focus on soft goods. When it comes to refreshing your home, your first instinct may be to buy a new sofa or dining room set. Take a beat, however, and consider whether these expensive pieces of furniture really need replacing or whether refreshing them would do the topic. Dressing up your sofa with new and on-trend pillows and throws will instantly bring it back to life. Decorating your dining room with stylish linens is often all that’s needed to bring a contemporary feel to eating areas. The same strategy will work in your bedrooms and bathrooms. A new comforter set or often just new pillow shams will instantly refresh a bedroom, as will new towels and window coverings in your bathroom. Adding new textiles throughout your home is a quick and affordable way to redecorate by using new colors and textures.


These simple ideas have the power to make your home feel new again, so try them out before embarking on an expensive and time-consuming remodeling project