Appliance Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Cleaning your appliances is key to ensuring they perform at their best and last for years to come. These tips can help you maintain your appliances and keep them grime-free–inside and out.


Your refrigerator isn’t hard to maintain, but without the proper care, you could find yourself reducing its longevity. Your fridge has a few main areas of concern when it comes to cleaning.

Exterior: Many modern appliances have a stainless steel exterior, and using the wrong cleaning solution on this material can spell disaster. Be sure you are using a cleaner designed for stainless steel, otherwise, you’ll face streaks or damage to the surface of your fridge
Interior: Keeping your fridge smelling odor-free is easy with a little elbow grease. It can be tempting to use the first cleaning product you have on hand, but using food-safe cleaning products can be a better option.
Behind: Behind or beneath your refrigerator is a coil that needs to be dusted and vacuumed regularly. This spring cleaning task is often forgotten, but left unattended will result in a faster deterioration of the appliance.
Washing Machine

Your washing machine may wash your laundry, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need a good cleaning itself. Be sure that you prevent odor buildup by using washing tablets according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, make sure you are cleaning the coin trap of your frontloader washing machine, as this can accumulate with debris and pet hair, causing odors.


Perhaps the messiest of all your appliances, the microwave is also the simplest to clean. Simply wipe out your microwave as needed. To remove stuck-on gunk, use a steaming tool to make removal easy; inexpensive items can be purchased for this purpose. If you have an above-stove model microwave, you will want to change your charcoal filter semi-annually.


Your dishwasher is a heavy lifter in your kitchen, so be sure you are treating it well.

Interior: Another item that needs to go through a cleaning cycle, your dishwasher should be thoroughly cleaned monthly. Use a Manufacturer recommended cleaning tablet or liquid to ensure that your dishwasher performs at its best. After you have performed this cleaning cycle, don’t forget to clean out your dishwasher filter and add any rinse aid to keep your dishes sparkling the next time you use it.
Exterior: For the exterior of your dishwasher, be sure that whatever cleanser you use is rated for your dishwasher’s exterior material. This is particularly important if you have a stainless steel dishwasher.

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