How to Add Additional Value to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to update your home to accommodate your lifestyle better or boost its resale value to take advantage of a seller’s market, being strategic with your home improvements can add pay off in the short-term and long-term. With careful planning, you can make the updates that will allow you to enjoy your home better and benefit from those updates when it’s time to sell.

Add Square Footage
In most situations, more square footage equates to a higher home price. Adding square footage to your home creates more livable space and makes financial sense. Whether you’re adding an addition to accommodate a great room, adding additional bathrooms or mudrooms, expanding the kitchen, or adding on to the second floor, this space will add value and increase the home’s functionality.

Increase the Home’s Efficiency
Improving how the home functions can be appealing to many buyers, as these upgrades are big-ticket items that can help a home sell faster and for a higher price. For example, upgrading the HVAC system and installing a smart thermostat can improve efficiency and help homeowners save money on utility expenses. A smart thermostat can help a homeowner monitor the HVAC system from near or far, which can pay off with energy efficiency long-term. Replacing the appliances with energy-efficient appliances is another way to maximize the home’s efficiencies.

Replace Doors and Windows
Upgrading the windows to energy-efficient windows and replacing the exterior doors, including the garage door, are both aesthetic and functional updates that can be incredibly attractive to buyers. Windows and doors are big-ticket items, and a house with these updates already made can be appealing and sell for a higher price.

Invest in Landscaping to Improve Curb Appeal
A beautifully landscaped home is a significant step toward improving its curb appeal. A home with beautiful curb appeal makes a first impression on potential buyers and your guests. Upgrading the hardscaping and improving the landscaping can contribute to a higher asking price.

Update the Kitchen
The kitchen is typically the center of the home, the primary gathering spot and one of the most used spaces. Renovating a kitchen is also a big project, so a fully renovated kitchen can be a significant selling point. However, if renovating the kitchen is too big of an undertaking, a minor remodel can still add value. Updating the hardware, lighting and counters, and repainting can give it a fresh appearance, which will pay off when it’s time to sell.

Paint and Stage Your Home
Investing in fresh paint and a professional stager can pay off if you intend on listing your home. Painting can transform a space, and when listing a home, it’s wise to select a neutral color palette for the house. Then, when it’s time to list, hiring a professional stager can help your house appeal to buyers and help you get the highest offers.

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