Inheriting a Home with Siblings

You and your siblings are notified by the executor of an estate that you’ve jointly inherited a house. According to, the executor provides the probate court with a death certificate, trust documents, the estate plan and inventory of the estate’s assets and debts.


Have a meeting with the other inheritors and determine a course of action. Unless otherwise stated in the will, each of you should have an equal share as well as an equal share of any debts, such as a mortgage, utilities and maintenance. You can contact the property insurer to see if the policy can be put in one of your names. recommends getting a title check to make sure the property has no outstanding liens. Then, plan to visit the property to inspect it for damage, deferred maintenance, and water or gas leaks.


The property’s location, condition, and value as well as the estate’s debts can help you decide whether you and your siblings keep the home, sell it, rent it, or occupy the property. If there’s a mortgage, you can keep making the payments, refinance to a lower interest rate, let it go to foreclosure, or sell the property and split the profits.

If one sibling wants to sell while another wants to retain the property, one can sell their interest in the home to the other heir using a private arrangement or a loan from an inheritance funding company. If the siblings can’t reach agreement, the executor notifies the court to arrange the sale of the property.



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